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Hi! My name is Jen and, for about 20 years... between 1995-2015... I was (for lack of a better term) an amateur porn star. I say "amateur" because, while it was indeed how I made my living during that time, I was never involved with any kind of actual "professional" production; It was all very much a homemade kind of thing. And it was all predicated on the concept that, first and foremost, this was for fun.

It all started when I was just 20 years old with my then-boyfriend Dave taking some naked pictures of me, like so many couples do. The only difference is, Dave was kind of a computer geek (before it was cool :-p) and figured out how to post them on this new fangled thing called the "world wide web." :-p

We had no idea where it would all lead, but things snowballed pretty quickly and for awhile, we were able to dedicate ourselves to our little "hobby" full-time! And, we had some pretty amazing adventures... which we, of course, documented via pictures and video. And yes, a lot of it went way beyond just nudity. ;-)

Even through marriage, raising kids (including twins!), and all the ups and downs of life, it became very much a part of us. While I don't shy away from the word "pornography," it was so much more than just that. It was our life!

The internet has obviously changed A LOT since the mid-nineties, though... as have we. And eventually we had to move on. Dave went back to working a day job some time ago. As for me, well, it's been a bit more complicated...

While Dave was the one who really started it all, I took it over from him just a couple of years in, and was really the main person running the show behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera (although he was certainly there to help and enjoy the fun along with me ;-p). For all intents and purposes, though, this was my full-time career for a good 20 years! And I have to admit, it's been a bit difficult to figure out where to go from here.

Especially after turning 40 recently, though, I finally decided, ready or not, it was time for a change.

You can still access our picture and video archives... I finally came to the decision, though, that the only people I want seeing this stuff, is the people who really want to see it... i.e. members. :) While the internet being what it is, I can't necessarily control if a stray picture or video gets passed around here and there, everything I do have control over is being moved inside the members-area. This will now be the only place... or at least the very best, most complete place... you can access everything having to do with my 20 year porn career. ;-p

Also, we recently joined up with TastyTrixie's indie porn network, so that when you become a member, you'll get access to other sites like this, as well!

Especially if it's your first time here, there's a whole lot catch up on, explore, discover, etc. ;-) If you'd like to do so, please feel free to sign up!

As for what I'm up to nowadays... I decided it was time for a fresh start. :-) So, I created a website called "Cafe Liselle" to serve as my sort of home-base/personal blog/professional portfolio. I have other projects I'm working on, as well, but this is your new starting point for all things "Jen." :-D

I'd like to end here, though, by giving a big thank you to everybody who supported us in the past.... we couldn't have done it without you. And a big, big thank you for any continued support! Not only does it help me pursue my current dreams, I love that my "work" from the past can still bring joy. ;-) While some may try to erase their past when they're done with this kind of thing, I have no intention of doing so. Why would I? I was incredibly lucky for a very long time and am proud of the experience as well as grateful for all the friends I made along the way. So, again, thank you.

(Hugs & Boobies),

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