JEN n DAVE's Homepage!
Follow our adventures, from the beginning, all over again!
This site debuted in 1995 and for over 20 years, was truly a labor of love by its creators, Jen and Dave: Just an ordinary couple from Baltimore, Maryland, USA!

When it began, I (Jen) was 20 years old, Dave was 25, and we were doing what a lot of young people do: having sex, parties, and other adventures! The one thing that made us different? We happened to be some of the first people to share all that online!

The term "blogging" had yet to be coined but, that was essentially what we were doing. It started because Dave discovered the newsgroups (usenet) where people were sharing nude photos of their wives and girlfriends... a practice that was quite novel (at least via online means) at the time... and, we decided to join in!

As time went on, things got wilder and wilder, and terms like "porn" and "swingers" were thrown around a lot. However, we always viewed it as just living our lives, if perhaps a bit more openly than anybody had done before. There was no acting or pretense... and we certainly didn't think of it as "dirty." In fact, we were downright cutesy about it all. :-p (Our slogan was "Always a boobie guarantee!")

Also, while it did become a full-time endeavor for several years, we still considered ourselves "amateurs." Looking back, we perhaps should have taken advantage of a unique opportunity... even though we had never even planned to make *any* money with it, we kind of accidently made some, anyway! And, we probably could have spun it all into some big empire... but, our only goal was to have fun.

And we did... and then some. The whole experience changed us in ways we can scarcely begin to describe. We both learned so much, and not only made some amazing memories, but true friends.

Of course, the internet has also changed a lot. It's a much different place than it was when we first started and eventually, things just sort of dwindled. Dave went back to the rat race, some time ago, in order to pay the bills... although he does host trivia at some local bars/restaurants on the side, as well, which he enjoys a lot! (Maybe not as much as taking pictures of naked women, but still... ;-p)

As for me, I gave birth to our twin daughters in 2005, and was admittedly a bit lost in the fog of mommyhood for several years. I even had a mommy blog at one point! :-p I did keep this site going, too, but truth be told, it was just never the same... and finally, I felt it was time to wipe the slate clean (or at least as clean as it ever can be after sharing so much, for so long) and start anew.

I did flounder around for awhile, trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go in. Call it a mid-life crisis, perhaps, but after blundering down one path at such a young age, I felt like now that I was older and wiser, I should take a step back and put some real thought into where to go next.

Finally, though, it all came together and I became Jenny Dreadful!

I've always been a big horror/halloween fan... and, I've loved watching the evolution of the modern-day pinup! It seemed only natural to put those two things together, and I'm very excited about this new path I've chosen. (I go into more details about what I'm doing now on my new site @

As for this site? For all intents and purposes, it is closed, now. I just felt it was important to keep one page up to honor and explain this era of our lives. But, all the content we posted... twenty years worth of photos and videos from those crazy early days.. is now all in storage.

I do, however, share certain things from the past here and there on my new blog... AND, I've just started up a brand new OnlyFans profile, where I'm going to be reposting a lot of our old content! (You can also follow me on Twitter!)

In conclusion, though, we want to thank everyone who supported us, partied with us, and shared in what was truly the time of our lives! We'll certainly never forget it.

Love Forever,