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Welcome to Jen-Dave.com, one of the very first adult-themed websites. Yes, really! It all began in 1995 when I, Jen, was just 20 years old and my then-boyfriend Dave posted a few nude photos of me online. And, well, it all just kind of snowballed from there, so to speak...

The intro video above goes into a bit more detail about our history here, but I can say real quick that, on this site, you'll find the past 20 years of our adventures together, documented in photographs and videos. All the flashing, traveling, parties, swinging... I've had sex with men, women, people in the "biz" and people who just started out as fans who pulled up my website one day. :-p Just all kinds of craziness I couldn't even begin to try and sum up... all of it can be found right here...

I do have to note that, now that it's 2015, and I'm a 40 year old mother of twin girls, I have decided it's time to move on and do other things with my life. So, this site really just serves as an archive, now. But, I sure did have a lot of fun while all this lasted, and especially if this is your first time here, there's SO much to catch up on.

Although, you will have to register as a member, first. Unlike in olden days when we were super-free with our stuff, I've decided that it's also time to lock up the stash. ;-p Our members-area is where I'll now be storing ALL of our content: Photos, videos... everything. While the internet being what it is, I can't necessarily control if a stray picture or video gets passed around, here and there, everything I do have control over is being moved inside. This will now be the only place... or at least the very best, most complete place... you can access everything having to do with my 20 year porn career. :-D

And, as an added bonus, we recently joined up with TastyTrixie's indie porn network, so when you sign up, you'll also get access to other sites like this, as well! (Not to mention supporting small business! We're all about making you feel good. ;-D)

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