JEN n DAVE's Homepage

Hello and welcome to aka "JENnDAVE's Homepage!" This domain was registered on February 20, 1996, but the "homepage" actually debuted in 1995... and I guess, in a way, it all really started in 1992 when I (Jen) met Dave.

Freshly out of high school, my family just happened to move to the same apartment community as Dave. For the first year we knew each other, we were strictly friends... but then, one thing led to another, and eventually we got our own place together. Shortly after that, we took a bus ride up to our local mall to buy a computer. Yes, we did actually bring a mid-90s era computer home on the bus. We've always been a bit crazy. :-p

Dave was definitely the bigger computer geek back then, and he promptly started "surfing" this new-fangled thing called "the internet." He quickly became fascinated by how... open... some people were on it; And, it wasn't long before we started being pretty "open" ourselves.

It all started out very simply... we were just an ordinary couple from Baltimore, Maryland, USA! However, as time went on, things got wilder and wilder, and terms like "porn" and "swingers" were thrown around a lot. We always viewed it as simply sharing our life together, though, if perhaps in a way nobody had ever done before.

I've since decided a more accurate term might be lifestyle blogging... and perhaps even more specifically, body-positive/sex-positive blogging. The term "blogging" had yet to be coined but, that was essentially what we were doing... and, not only was this a record of our life, it was very much based around the themes of celebrating real human bodies and relationships. We didn't think of it as "dirty" and were, in fact, downright cutesy about it all. :-p (Our slogan was "Always a boobie guarantee!")

Also, while it did become a full-time endeavor for several years, we still considered ourselves "amateurs." Looking back, we perhaps should have taken advantage of a unique opportunity... even though we had never even planned to make *any* money with it, we kind of accidently made some, anyway! And, we probably could have spun it all into some big empire... but, our only goal was to have fun.

And, we did... and then some. The whole experience changed us in ways we can scarcely begin to describe. We both learned so much, and not only made some amazing memories, but true friends.

Of course, as they have a tendency to do, things gradually changed over the years... both for us and the internet. Dave went back to the rat race some time ago, in order to pay the bills... although he does host trivia at some local bars/restaurants on the side, which he enjoys a lot! (Maybe not as much as taking pictures of naked women, but still... ;-p)

As for me, I gave birth to our twin daughters in 2005, and was admittedly a bit lost in the fog of motherhood for several years. I even had a mommy blog at one point! :-p I did keep this site going, too, but eventually, I developed a strong urge to just start over. I didn't necessarily want to bury the past, but call it a mid-life crisis, perhaps... I just felt very strongly it was time for a change.

Finally, starting around 2015, I began the process of retiring this site. I did a lot of soul-searching... a lot of job hunting... a lot of everything. It's been a journey to say the least.

So what am I doing now? Well, in April of 2018, I started working as a marketing consultant for a property management company. Yes, I'm back in the rat race, as well. :-p Although, I do still have my own side projects that I'm working on...

I have a relatively new personal blog at where you can find out more about me, my projects, and just generally what I'm up to these days. However, the project I think people who have made it to this page (and have actually read this far :-p), might be most interested in, is my memoirs...

I've had many people tell me I should write a book about my experiences. I had a hard time getting started with that, so I finally decided it might be best to begin with what I know best: blogging. You can check out how that is coming along at

As for this site? It does now only consist of this one page, which I've left up simply to explain, as well as honor, this era of our lives; All the content... 20+ years worth of photos and videos from those crazy early days... is now all in storage. (Although, you are welcome to view that storage area!)

In short (I know, too late), our stories do indeed continue... as the door closes on this chapter of our lives, though, we want to once more thank everyone who supported us, partied with us, and shared in what was truly the time of our lives! We'll certainly never forget it.

Love Forever,