The Original...

Misusing the information superhighway since 1995!

The internet has indeed changed a lot since it first began. In the past, we had to set everything up ourselves! Now there are all these different platforms...

Anyway, here's the places you can find us (and our content) these days:

Instagram - We've been trying to cut down on the social medias, but this is one we're keeping. :-p

YouTube - This is where we post our silly videos. We may even start doing some video podcasting soon!

Patreon - Last, but certainly not least, this is now the main JEN n DAVE blog. You will need to become a patron in order to view its contents, access our patrons-only Discord, and find the link/password for my private OneDrive account where I'm currently rebuilding our archive of the almost three decades worth of nudes and xxx content we've created. :) It is only $5/month, though, so we hope you'll join us there!